Three Shires head & Five Stones - January 2018

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We had tried a few times in the past to get to three shires head, but unfortunately, it’s one of those walks that required better weather and a clear day, something which the Leek to Buxton road often struggles to find! However, on this day we found a clear morning with a small amount of light rain which we decided was fine for the walk. 

View & purchase OS map  here .

View & purchase OS map here.

We parked up near Flash stores and headed out off up towards Flash itself, following the road for a short while before hoping on a couple of access paths, these were easy to follow with good sign posts and clear routes through. Once reaching a farm which we passed through however we found ourselves heading down hill and into a section where a number of off road motor bikers were to be found. As they were tearing up the ground and causing a lot of fuss, we decided to head back the way we came and route ourselves around them. This was at around 1.7km in and after this you can see above that we skirt back the way we came from and head off down the quiet road, this again leads to a path that was easy to follow (there is a slight part of the river that is steep but again it is easy to get up). Once we reached Hawkes nest, we followed another lane to the left, this got much narrower the long we walked it and not far after the farm is basically became a track.  

Following this track downhill we eventually came across Three Shires Head in all its glory. This place is simply stunning, from nowhere you come across a couple of beautiful little bridges and waterfalls in such a tranquil place I should definitely be high on your list to visit.  

After spending a little time taking this in, we headed off up around a few farms and across a couple of farm tracks, and after a bit of walking up to one of the peaks, we turned back on ourselves and headed over to 5 stones, these are 5 individual stones that are arranged in a beautiful way. Once we passed by these, It was a small walk back to the car (luckily there was a pub next to where we parked, The Knights Table, which we highly recommend!).  

The 3D Mapped route of our Three Shires head walk. Walk through England's highest village before heading off to Three Shires head and the beautiful waterfalls and bridges that make this such a beautiful place. Follow our walk to also see fives stones.