Grin Low round route & Solomons temple - October 2017

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We set out towards the roaches for this walk with the idea of walking to three shires head, however upon reaching Flash we found the cloud cover very thick (actually making driving a little dangerous) so we decided to head towards Buxton and find a route around there. Ray had previously walked to Solomon’s temple so we soon found a round walk that took us from the bottom of Solomon’s temple around the surrounding countryside and bring us back round via the temple itself.  

This walk started off along a road that took us to a few football pitches, walking past these we entered a field the other side and then back onto a road which we followed to its end. The end of the road reached a farm and a horse stable where a few young riders were learning the ropes. Skirting around the farm lead through some wooded areas and some grassy ones and after a while we came across quite a busy road. The road was quite fast moving and the walk required us to cross this, although this wasn’t great, we had soon crossed and were back on our way. 

The other side of the road was back up hill and we gradually made our way towards another farm, once at the top we were guided around the farm and down the road linking the farm to a main road further down. We walked through a few fields along this road before getting to the bottom of the main car park and walk to Solomon’s temple. Once we on our way up to the temple we found ourselves walking through a wooded area and then out onto the top of a hill at which point we could clearly see the temple. 

The Temple is a small structure around two stories high that you are able to walk up to the top of via a steep stair case, from here you can look out at the surrounding area and see for miles around the surrounding countryside. It’s an amazing view and you get the feeling you are standing on top of a small castle thanks to the brickwork and layout of the turret.  

Once down we had a couple of looks back before heading off to the forest towards where we had parked, this was actually a beautiful way to end the walk as not only were the views beautiful in the autumn sun with the red and orange leaves scattering the floor the woodland was full of fantastic little views off the side of the hill. As we wandered down to the bottom we got to the car and although quite muddy, we were really pleased with the walk. 

The 3D Mapped route of our Grin Low and Solomon's Temple walk. This route takes in some of the wonderful Buxton countryside and finishes with a visit to Solomon's Temple. Mapping software is property of the Ordnance Survey