Tittersworth Resevoir - October 2017

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We had been looking for a walk that wasn’t such a climb as some of our recent ones and decided that one of the many reservoirs locally would be a good choice, we settled onto Tittersworth as it was set very close to The Roaches which we go to quite often and absolutely love.  

We parked on the main car park and headed straight off around the main walk which takes in the entire reservoir. The walk takes you through some open fields and some small wooded areas often with low down and quite nice views of the lake.  

As you get towards the opposite end of the lake you start to gain a little height from the lake and enter much heavier wooded area, this is a nice distraction and was a bit of a relief on the day as it was very sunny. The walk back through the wooded area still offers up views of the lake but isn’t as flat and offers up more of a natural view than the open fields the other side.  

The last stretch is again in more open fields with sporadic bird watching buildings, and the whole walk only took around two hours but it was very pleasant and we ended the route with a nice cuppa in the café at the visitor centre.  

The 3D Mapped route of our Tittersworth Reservoir walk. A nice stroll around the beautiful Tittersworth Reservoir. https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/tittersworth-resevoir-october-2017/2018/4/29 Mapping software is property of the Ordnance Survey