ViewRanger Android App Review


Viewranger is a digital outdoor tool. It has a web application as well as Android and Iphone applications. We will be talking about the android version predominantly here. 


Whether we are planning the walk, on the trail or checking how it went and checking our stats viewranger is our go to tool. We use it for finding routes other people have shared, as well as plotting our own routes (with both the OS maps and built in open cycle map). The App is free and the only cost comes if you wanted OS maps, but the costs for this are pretty standard.





Once we are off on the walk we use viewranger to track out route via GPS, this logs for your viewranger account and then is also able to be exported as a GPX (something we do frequently for this site). it's great to have a backup to normal OS maps as well and it has some great functionality to show if you are going off track or not. 



Once we have finished a walk we often refer back to viewranger as well to see the route info (great for checking how far you walked etc). 

The app has the ability for saving routes other users have shared and even allows you to download an offline copy of the open cycle maps for free. All of this adds up to a fantastic package that we frequently use. 



Their are also social aspects to the app, letting you follow friends and see their new routes. Due to it's ability to sync up to the cloud, this also means I can see all the same information across all our devices including the web.

It has become an invaluable tool for us during the past couple of years and although we have tried other apps, nothing quite comes as close to the complete package as Viewranger. 







5 out of 5