Osprey Stratos 26L Review

I spent a long long time looking for the right sucksack, I wanted something that hit a very specific criteria and was constantly in and our of walking shops trying to find what I wanted. 


my specific criteria was:

  • 24L - 28L capacity.
  • Vented back panel.
  • Hip pockets for phone and camera.
  • a front pocket for a pack away coat and trousers. 
  • Waterproof cover.
  • walking pole holder.
  • hydration sleeve.
  • top access.

It took some time for me to find what I wanted but eventually I found the Osprey Stratos 26L. I've been using this for around 6 months now, and it's by far the best bag I've ever had. Not only is it very comfy and has a number of straps that will help keep the bag perfectly how you set it up but it also easily lets you adjust on the fly.


The back panel which is a sturdy mesh is absolutely spot on, it's great for keeping you cool as well as being very sturdy and comfortable. The hip straps are also comfy, and allow me to fit in our rugged camera and phone, but also it gives very easy access to these items. 

Their is a front vertical zip at the front which is great for my pack away coat and trousers, two clips hold the top section in place and once this is opened there is a section for a hydration sleeve, a net against the sturdy back panel and then the rest of the space is left for you to fill. 

On the bottom is a waterproof cover that you can pull out when required. There are also two sections for walking poles, so you can choose to put them where you like. .

All in all it has been a great bag and I cant recommend it enough, it's the perfect size for me and has all the features I require. In addition the back vented panel is great and doesn't have any issues and keeps itself very sturdy. 

5 of out 5