Wildboreclough to Three shires head - June 2019

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We have already walked Three shires head from one route, we decided to go a different way and start at wildboreclough. Somewhere we passed through on a walk a while ago when doing Shutlingsloe.  

We parked just down from Wildboreclough where there was plenty of parking, and it was also free and from here you can walk through a farm track and out towards the moorland. Once you start on the way up you pass through a quiet path alongside a small river and a few sections are lined with trees. There isn't much coverage on a sunny day, which is something to think about. At the end of this straigh section, we turned left which was a bit more of a climb, but still not too steep, this eventually leads up to Whetstone Ridge. This is a beautiful section as you are quite high and due to the ridge, can see for some distance around. There is a lovely old sign post here as well.  

Once we reached this and had taken in the views, we headed right along the path which slowly headed down towards Buxton road. This is quite a fast-moving road, however not too many cars were on it and it was very viable so crossing wasn’t a problem. Once crossed, we had to move down quite a steep slope towards an area which looked like some mining had once occurred. We found a little slate hut here, good timing as the rain started to come down. 

Moving on from here is a gradual slope up and over a hill with a couple of nice views out to the moorland, and after a short while you start heading back down once again. This time the downhill is much easier, even if the path is a bit harder to follow. When we got to the end of this section, we came ta T junction, taking this right led down towards Three Shires Head which is absolutely beautiful. Two rivers meet under two old brick bridges and it feels like something from a Tolkin book.  

When we left Three Shires head, we headed up and around Cut-Thorn Hill which is a simple climb, before jutting through a field and heading back over Buxton road. The same applies to the road here as before, taking your time and being careful will mean it’s easy to cross.  

Once over there was a section of wooden walkways, which had a couple of lizards standing in the sun that had just come out (see photos for more), this leads down towards Leach Wood and a small walk through this wood takes you to a fork in the road. From here you can follow it down towards Wildboreclough or take it right back to the car. We headed right and althrough it is a road, didn’t see a single car before eventually getting back to the car. 

A decent size walk and a really nice way to see three shires head, probably one of the quieter routes in this area as well.