The Old Man of Coniston Direct Route - January 2018

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Once again on a trip up to the Lake district, we decided to head up our favourite mountain and get some amazing views as the weather was beautiful. We headed off up the main route from the village of Coniston and headed up the dirt track that follows the edge of the mountain. Not long up, we happened across the river running down from the peaks, due to snow not too long ago the water was flowing quite rapidly and gave a roar as it passed under the bridge.  

As we headed over the bridge and up through the fields towards the great mountain, we could see the peaks clearing (which firstly showed it was quite windy up the top!) and revealed the snow topped summit. We continued on up through the harder terrain, it's mostly loose slate hear and although the angles of the incline aren't that bad it is slow going due to the loose rock. Eventually we happened upon low water. We rested hear for a while, taking in the beating sun and the great views out towards Coniston water. 

After snapping a few pics around low water, we continued up to the peak of the Old man. The next part of this walk has recently had new steps put in place making the climb much easier (something we saw on the way back down when the numbers of children walking up this way showed us). When we reached the section where the walk takes a sharp right to the final stretch, we instead went and took a small amount of time to sit on some rocks nearby and get some of the most amazing views out towards Coniston water, and even the sea further afield if you visit this fell, I would suggest sitting here for a few minutes as it is the most magical place.  

After this, we headed up towards the peak, it gradually got windier and winder, as well as colder. Some areas were covered in snow but not on the main path. We reached the top, and it was still quite early which allowed us to have the peak to ourselves. The views were just amazing, however the wind stopped us staying for too long. 

We needed to head over to Keswick for the lodge we were staying in, so decided rather than making this a huge walk we would come back own the way we came. This straight up and back down is something we have done before with Coniston and still makes for a great hike. We followed the exact route, passing a number of hikers who had decided they wanted a piece of the views. Next time we hit Coniston we found another route that should show some other fantastic views. Yet again this Fell has been inscribed on our heart and we will soon be back.  

The 3D Mapped route of our Old Man of Coniston walk. Our favorite fell, follow this route to tick it off your list. Mapping software is property of the Ordnance Survey