Hadrians wall - April 2018

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After completing the two fells Ling fell and Sale fell we decided due to the bad weather to give up on fell walking and find somewhere we could take in a stretch of Hadrian's wall. There was a section that had a roman museum and a car park nearby and we headed right over. After around an hour drive we got to the carpark and the rain had stopped, the wind still howled but the worst of the weather had passed. 

We headed up the pathway past a lake, where we came upon over 50 frogs, 2 newts and around 20 birds in a stretch of path no longer than 10 meters. We carefully found our way past the frogs and came over a small climb up to a fence, at this fence we went through the gate to the left and started up the hill. At the top we could see the wall we had come to see and soon ended up alongside it.  

We followed it as it moved across the landscape snaking its way over the hills, there were a few points where we could look out over the wall and see for miles now the day had cleared. The wall itself isn't the most impressive thing, but that’s not why it's there and hides the truth about its existence. I definitely recommend reading up about the wall before visiting as it allows you pass a much better judgement on your time there.  

We followed the wall as far as we could on this path before it crumbled away towards a cliff face. At this point we had the choice of heading back to the car or trying to find the wall further along. As the weather hadn't made up its mind just yet, we decided to head back down to the car. As we got back to the car however we had a little time left, so we headed off to the side of the car park where there is another walk, following this low-level path along was nice enough, but eventually it led out to a spectacular view. On a small lake was 4 storks stood perfectly still while a Deer was drinking, when we walked around the corner, we startled the dear which galloped into the nearby forest not to be seen by the two of us again. The stalks soon followed suit and flew off, but the view is something we won't forget in a long time. 

After that we headed back to the car so we could go and get some food.