Great Mell Fell - September 2017

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Another one of the fells we decided to was Great Mell Fell, I could only find one obvious way up this fell and that was the route we followed, however we did have to leave the car in a bit of a precarious place which led us to power quickly up and down for fear we hadn’t parked in an appropriate place.  

Once we found somewhere to park at the bottom of the route, it was obvious that two farmers had access to their fields by this small road so we parked the car as out the way as possible and made our way up. The route itself is very uneven under foot and hard going on your boots but upon around 10 minutes of walking you hit a grassier area. This grassy path is the route up pretty much all the way and after the heavy rain the days before our walk, this was very boggy.  

Upon making our way up what is a very steep and long slope we hit a patch of trees that was a wonderful break in a pretty plain route, unfortunately this didn’t last long as we were back to the grassy path.  The views on the way up are mostly blocked by the breadth of the Fell, however due to it standing alone, the views from the top are fantastic, you can see a huge distance north and the views across to the rest of the lake district is wonderful. Although quite windy at the top, it smoothed out and was a great platform to view the surrounding countryside.  

Our climb was cut short with the realisation that we should head back down to the car, and the route down was as simple as the route up (one way), it’s definitely worth the climb if you are in the area but be aware, parking isn’t great with this one.