Glenridding Dodd and Sheffeld Pike - September 2018

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Having parked in Glenridding during a hike of Helvellyn, we had seen some beautiful fells all around Ullswater and decided to head over and do a few more, as the weather looked like it could turn at any time, we didn’t want to do anything too high and eventually settled on Glenridding Dodd and Sheffeld Pike. When planning the route, we realized that there wasn’t a direct route between the two on OS maps, but there was on viewranger, however a quick investigation of Google maps satellite confirmed there was a route.  

We parked in Glenridding (lots of pubs and coffee shops when required later on) and headed up towards Blaes Crag, we found it difficult to find the way through here as the maps and signs didn’t add up, eventually we walked past the houses and found a route up towards the fells. Once we headed up it was a straightforward path up and easy enough going and eventually, we came to a crossroad. At the crossroad we turned right and off towards Glenridding Dodd, the path moves up the fell and snakes back onto itself and is not the most well-trodden route, however once you reach the top the views are outstanding and some of my favorite in the lakes. You can see all the way along the beautiful Ullswater, as well as all of the fells surrounding both sides of the lake.  

At this point, you have to follow the route back to the crossroad, which luckily isn't too far away. Once back, there were two options, the mapped route to the right which would bring us back round to the top of Heron pike, or the route directly opposite. Although this wasn’t mapped, it looked well used and very easy to follow, we settled on this route as we had seen it on the satellite view and we were glad we had, it’s an easy and steady walk up ensuring you pass Herron pike on the way to Sheffeld Pike and has some great views when looking back along the route. Once at the top of Sheffeld Pike we were again greeted to some fantastic views, this time with the Helvellyn ridge line in sight, which from this angle is a stunning group of peaks.  

We continued the path down towards Raise where, if you wished you could head up towards Raise, Helvellyn and even a few of the connecting peaks if desired. As we didn’t want too big of a hike, we followed the path down towards Lucky’s Tongue and then Haystacks (not the mountain), which zig-zags down the mountain towards the river that makes its way to Ullswater. Once at the bottom of here, it’s very easy going back towards Glenridding, the views are great as you see right down the valley to the lake and it doesn’t take too long until you are back for that well-deserved drink. It’s a pretty simple walk, that isn't too far but captures some fantastic sights that make the lake district so special.