Dimmingsdale Valley and Forest walk - August 2017

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After having a nice relaxing Sunday morning we decided to pop out and try to get a nice little walk done, after looking at a few places we settled on Dimmingsdale Valley and decided to walk along the old train track. around 40 minutes into the walk however, we discovered a little patch leading into the woods and all of a sudden we had been transported to the most wonderful little forest on the side of a hill, walking through we discovered some little streams running down the side of the paths and aside from some random patches of deep mud, a relativity easy walk.

There were two spectacular points to this walk, the first one came as we passed by an old tree that was growing from outside of a rock face, the tree was huge and looked very old but created a fantastic view just from the fact that it was such a strange thing to see. Not long after that we passed by part of the track that took us back down to the bottom and the old train route, however upon turning back we looked over the horizon and saw the fantastic site of Oblivion (the Alton towers ride). It was great to see something a little different on the walk, so while walking back down to the bottom, and then towards the car this was all we were talking about … now to go and buy a ticket ourselves!