buttermere round - April 2018

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The day before this walk was a wet one, and I had been wearing my new leather boots... suffice to say I had blisters on this day and a day of fell walking starting at grey stones went out the window. After trying and failing badly on that climb due to pain I did realise that I could walk on the flat just fine and with the sun shining through it seemed like a great way to continue the day would be to head over to Buttermere and walk the lake. 

We parked at the top end of Buttermere and then headed off down towards the lake, passing through past Skye farm tea room (where we popped in and grabbed a sausage roll each!) we could see the lake and the main route around so headed down to the side of the lake. At this point the sun was beating down and it was a beautiful day.  

Once on the lake we started off around towards haystacks, stopping frequently to take some photos of the beautiful views as well as spend 10 minutes skipping stones on the still lake. Around half way down this side of the lake we also took a slight detour through the woods to get a little height, the views at the top of here were very nice but it isn't the easiest route up and down. 

Upon reaching the far end of the lake we started to walk along Honnistor Pass until we got to the farm, which we parked at during our Haystacks walk. At this point, you turn 90 degrees to the right and head across the lake to the other side, due to the lake being much longer than wide this doesn’t take long at all and once on the other side it's back up the lake.  

This side of the lake was much busier and it seemed a number of people were walking the route the opposite way to us but the paths are clear and well maintained. On the way back up the lake there were a few routes off towards the lake, once of which where we sat and had a cup of tea, the views are exceptional and really worth seeing on a summers day.  

Upon reaching the top end of the lake there was an obvious route back to Buttermere, however we decided to head a little up to Crummock water and view a couple more waterfalls. Once we had done this we headed back across towards Buttermere and then off to the car. 

The 3D Mapped route of our Buttermere lake walk. This route follows the whole lake taking in views of the surrounding fells. https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/buttermere-round-/2018/5/2 Mapping software is property of the Ordnance Survey