ling sell & sale fell - April 2018

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After a number of walks during bad weather while up the lakes we decided on making sure we always had a couple of easier route in bad weather, this was one of them and on a raining day in April we headed off to complete two wainwrights! 

After parking on the road just down from the church we headed off down the road towards Ling fell. Although we were walking on the road it's quite a wide road and not very busy at all so it was easy going. It's also very flat so getting across to Ling fell was pretty easy.  

Once into the village at the end of the road we crossed over the bridge and then just up the road was a route through a couple of fields, this leads back onto another quiet road which we followed up to the start of the Fell. Turning right onto the fell gives three routes, left, right and a very direct route. We chose to go right and head around the main body of the fell, this path eventually heads back to the centre of the fell before then taking a sharp turn off to hit the top. The views from here are nice, you can see some wonderful mountains around but on a grey day they aren't the most impressive views. It's an easy route to the top however, and it's not tough going coming down. We decided to follow the opposite side of the fell down leading back to the entrance of the fell.  

Turning right out of Ling fells ground brings you to a junction, crossing the bridge here and then turning right brings you to the start of Sale fell.  

Heading up Sale fell was harder going, it's a lot steeper than Ling fell however once up the first section (around 0.2km) you will turn right and the going becomes much easier. The route across to the top from here is still steep but it's much easier than the initial section. There are a couple of very obvious paths up to the top and they aren't too much different. Once at the top, the views are better than Ling fell as you have a better view over towards Skiddaw and Derwent water. They are very panoramic seeing as it's stood along and with a forest in the foreground makes a much nicer view.  

The route down continues over the top of the fell and down the other side, there is a long brick wall which you get to and once through it's a simple case of following the path to the left all the way down towards the church and back to the car. 

It's a great walk and with two fells that you have to get up and down from (rather than following a ridge) there is a decent amount of effort required. But due to their size, it wasn’t an issue doing these on a rainy day.  

The 3D Mapped route of our Ling fell and Sale fell walk. Two wainwrights in one walk between two of the smaller fells in the area. Mapping software is property of the Ordnance Survey